- Waterproof roofing systems with EPDM ruber guard FIRESTONE; - Waterproof system for industrial, commercial and residential applications; - Waterproof system for airports, parking buildings, supermarket and warehouses; - Waterproofing applications in the construction industry, such as below grade waterproofing and curtain walls; - Waterproofing applications for tunnels, viaducts, bridges, dams; - Waterproofing applications for lakes, agricultural ponds, artificial snow reservoirs, irrigation ponds and canals, fish farm ponds and recreational ponds, wastewater lagoons, fire reservoirs, animal waste containment; - Water drainage; - Ambiental design - design and execution; - Aquatics applications such as ecological ponds, landscape ponds designed to enhance office complexes, golf courses and recreational parks, garden ponds, waterfalls, artificial rivers, fountain technology, landscaping including gardens and recreational parks, golf courses, filter systems, pumps and UV lamps for cleaning water, aquatic illumination systems; - Illumination systems; - Irrigation systems; - Green roof; - Outdoor furniture, stone and wooden works; - boat-houses ROLATRACK - Drilling and milling machines for metal, wood, concrete (ARMEG).

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Fiscal Identification Code: 13487480
Registry of Commerce Number: J29/820/2000
NACE CODE: (8130) Landscape service activities


  • Address: Calea Doftanei Nr. 35.A, CAMPINA, PRAHOVA