The company was founded in 1982, with the name "Authority for Industrial Control of Quality Assurance for Aeronautical Products" and became AEROQ in 1991. In the 1990s, over 80 suppliers of aeronautical products had quality system certification and over 1,000 aeronautical products were granted by AEROQ. AEROQ was the first Romanian accredited body for quality systems certification (certificate no. 003/December 1995), and since November 1997 is accredited also for products conformity certification (certificate no. 008). From 2002, July, AEROQ has been also accredited for the certification of Environmental Management Systems. From 2005 february AEROQ was designated as a certification body for construction product in conformity with European Directive of Construction. After Romania occupance in European Union, AEROQ will be appointed to Bruxelles for this Directive. The certificates issued by AEROQ were acknowledged by Bell-Hellicopters (USA) in case of IAR Brasov; by ELBIT - Israel and SHELL GAS, in case of AEROSTAR Bacau, AEROTEH and COMOTI Bucharest, by ROLLS ROYCE and GEC ELECTRIC, in case of TURBOMECANICA Bucharest, as well as by Italian Ministry of Defence, Carabinieri, Ministry of Justice, Financial Inspection Institution, Police - in case of some companies in textile field. AEROQ co-operates with similar authorities in Europe. Together with CERTCHIM - Italy, we certified the Management System of PETROTEL S.A.. Since 2001, we have in cooperation with DQS (the most important certification body from Germany) the common activities for management system certification. AEROQ is "a pioneer" in almost all fields, having now the exclusive rights or the major weight in: aeronautical field, cement industry - through LAFARGE - ROMANIA S.A, CARPATCEMENT, catering industry - through URB BEREPROD TUBORG - Romania, oil field - through PETROTEL - LUKOIL, PETROM SERVICE and PETROM -GAS, health field - through GELCAP-Bucharest and SINTOFARM, public administration field - through Mangalia City Mayoralty, hotelier field - through EMI Hotel, Mihail Kogalniceanu city, SILVA HOTEL - Busteni a.s.o. Products and services: Certification body for management systems audit services. - Professional, technical, vocational and other specialized short-term training courses on quality matters (quality and enviromental auditors). - Quality Management Systems - in conformity with ISO 9001; - Environmental Management Systems - in conformity with ISO 14001; - Management Systems for Health and Occupational Security - OHSAS 18001; - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point - in conformity with ISO 22000 HACCP; - Products conformity (voluntary and regulated domain European Directive for Construction); - Quality Management Systems for Aviation - AS/EN 9100; - Training of auditors; - Assessment and supervision on: companies, activities, goods, staff skills, professional competencies; - Management Systems Audits for organizations; - Research-design-development of management programs and systems.

General info

Fiscal Identification Code: 2785546
Registry of Commerce Number: J40/2904/1991
NACE CODE: (7120) Technical testing and analysis


  • Address: Strada Feleacu Nr. 14B, SECTOR 1, BUCURESTI

Latest financial results

TURNOVER : 2,853,542 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 672,326 (RON)
TURNOVER : 2,964,431 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 654,838 (RON)
TURNOVER : 3,186,022 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 811,726 (RON)
TURNOVER : 3,020,413 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 538,613 (RON)
TURNOVER : 3,135,531 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 403,884 (RON)