With more than 10 years of experience in investigation and surveillance, gaining professional maturity, united by the idea of ??launching a detective services company that comes to support both individual clients (individuals) and corporations, agencies and offices of individual private detectives, law firms, notary offices, etc. (legal persons): so we created S.P.I.A. We are a team of detectives that exploit to the maximum the human qualities and the professional knowledge acquired over time, being involved in the most diverse cases, such as: investigating corruption within the company, collecting information (civil status, address identification, identification of goods which are the subject of criminal or civil litigation, etc.), supervision of the conduct and public morality of a person / employee, prenuptial investigations, etc.Our experienced detectives, rich in the art of surveillance, offer high professionalism in the field of undercover filaments, always finding complex answers to customer inquiries. If you have a problem and consider contacting a private detective, then we can offer a variety of techniques and strategies to reach the solution you need. And to convince you of our total support, we provide free consultancy.
S.P.I.A. is a leading provider of investigations and surveillance services in Romania, member of:

W.A.D. - World Association of Detectives

PDPR - Patronatul Detectivilor din Romania

I.K.D. - International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives

A.N.D.R. - Asociatia Nationala a Detectivilor Particulari din Romania.

We are a company that comes to help you and your business with professional and efficient services.S.P.I.A. is No. 1 in the Top Business Romania 2014-2019 for investigation services.

Our company will help in protecting your interests because it offers: professionalism, seriousness and total discretion.

We support corporates and individual clients, agencies, law firms and notary offices with the following services:

ECONOMIC INVESTIGATIONS: Training on the use by the client of technical means of audio - video surveillance in private spaces; Information protection techniques for commercial companies; Investigations per person (identity by description or car registration number, location, patrimony, group relationships, sources of income, business type, etc.); Active business information, filing ghost companies, fictitious assignments; Checking potential or current partners (morality, solvency, vices, reputation, patrimony, family situation, relatives or friends of competing companies); Verification of documents (cvs, self-declarations, validity of study papers and other papers presented); Verify patrimonial assets, whether certain or fictitious; Verification / prevention unfair competition employees, partners; Verify movable or immovable property employees, partners; Check loyalty, employee confidentiality; Verification of the employee's extra-professional behavior;

Flagging bribes and receiving undue benefits; Identification of real estate owners; Customer reviews and insurance company events; and more!

CONJUGAL INVESTIGATIONS: Verifying suspicions of infidelity; Adultery - photo and video samples; Pre and post marital checks (morality, seriousness, sincerity, vices, passions, previous or parallel relationships, verification of children from other relationships or undeclared children, patrimony, etc.); Verifying the morality or vice of the couple's partner; Identifying, locating the assets stolen by the couple partner; Investigations on deviant behavior of minors (public behavior, drug and alcohol use, violence, vices, adherence to neighborhood guards or religious sects, prostitution, possession and the origin of goods and unjustified amounts of money); Identifying children out of marriage; Child checks (follow-up, care of minors belonging to the other parent, minor localization hidden by one parent at the expense of the other); Identify sources of unreasonable revenue and expense of the partner; Identifying extraconjugal relationships; Identification and location of relatives / living or deceased persons, establishment and belonging to the pedigree tree and more!

We provide evidence managed in strict accordance with the law, so it can be used in court public or private.

We offer a hight quality services, immediate availability to take the case and free advice.

We solve the most complex cases to specialized with licensed private investigators.

We guarantee the confidentiality of investigations!I invite you to call us to make sure that all your requests will be registered and carried with professionalism and promptitude.

We provide free consultancy!

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