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B2B Supply Chain: Best Practices to Navigate through the Pandemic

Main Speakers: Jonathan York, Consulting Manager; Helen Smith, Head of Consulting, Asia

Voice of the Industry:  Coronavirus Impact on Companies, Employees and Consumers

Insights from global industry professionals, by Lisa Holmes, Global Head of Surveys

Global Drinks Trends After Coronavirus

How is Coronavirus changing global drinking trends?

Health and Beauty in the Coronavirus Era

By Irina Barbalova, Global Lead Health and Beauty and Matthew Oster, Global Head Consumer…

Innovating During Coronavirus: A Guide to Recovery and Business Growth

With crisis comes disruption. Businesses must innovate to adapt, but how?

Scoala IAA isi adapteaza cursurile „noii normalitati”: module hibrid, on & offline

Scoala IAA va relua din septembrie cursurile intr-un format hibrid: sesiuni online de…

Sports Indices 2020: Navigating Sponsorships During Coronavirus

Davide Calzoni, Senior Analyst -Sports & Entertainment and Egle Tekutyte, Senior Analyst…

Coronavirus: Implications on Megatrends

Alison Angus, Head of Lifestyles and Michelle Evans, Senior Head of Digital ConsumerMay…

Take control over your revenue with sales funnels

What exactly is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a representation of the…