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Globalisation Beyond the Pandemic: Opportunities from a Great Reset

Outlook on global demand for trade and investment

Reff & Asociatii | Deloitte Legal lanseaza SecuRE, o solutie digitala care ajuta proprietarii de cladiri si chiriasii sa gestioneze cerintele impuse de reglementarile in domeniu

SecuRE integreaza si cunostintele expertilor Reff & Asociatii | Deloitte Legal in aria…

Numarul de noi fisiere malware detectate in fiecare zi creste cu 5,2%, ajungand pana la 360.000 in 2020

Majoritatea fisierelor malware detectate (89,80%) au fost descoperite prin fisiere Windows…

Identifying digital trends in emerging markets

As a result of the pandemic, consumer online habits increased in both emerging and…

Take control over your revenue with sales funnels

What exactly is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a representation of the…

Leveraging Technology is Helping Non-Grocery Retailers to Cope with Coronavirus

Governments around the world increasingly require non-essential stores to close as part…