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Unilever will eliminate fossil fuel raw materials used in cleaning products by 2030

The company will invest 1 billion euros in the new Clean Future program


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Irina Urechean joins the Unilever South Central Europe board as Home Care Marketing Director

Until now, Irina has held the position of Marketing Category Manager Laundry USCE

Changes in the management team of Betty Ice

Iustina Haler-Monoranu is the new Director of the factory in Suceava

Fighting the coronavirus pandemic by protecting health and livelihoods

Unilever contributes 3 million lei (630,000 euros) to help affected people in Romania

Unilever joins forces with the 1 centimeter of deeds - all in the front line campaign through the Suceava Red Cross, to acquire a mobile intensive care unit

For Unilever, supporting the needs of society and local communities has been at the…

Dove will use 100% recycled plastic bottles and will completely remove the plastic from the cream-soap packaging in several markets, including Romania

Dove will eliminate the use of over 20,500 tons of virgin plastic each year