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Romanian M&A Market – A Real Chance for Booming

The first months of 2016 show an increased number of deals and deal opportunities.

The automotive segment grows. Romania's strengths.

Noerr is one of the best consultants (legal, tax, finance) in the automotive segment.

Financing Sources for SMEs

There are several ways of raising finance for a business, depending on its nature.…

Alternative tools for financing business growth

Romanian market players need to enable the growth of their businesses to a next…


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Adjusting to trends, challenges and opportunities

Romania is still competitive and welcomes foreign investments but has to pay attention to…


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A surprise transaction of over 10 million euros: Clever Founders Taxi, the largest taxi mobile application in Romania, millionaires in euros after the exit mytaxi, which is backed by the German giant

Daimler was assisted in the transaction by a Noerr team coordinated by Rusandra Sandu…

NOERR obtained for SONACA  a state aid for an investment of almost 12 million Euro

The Belgian company Sonaca has been assisted by Noerr throughout the greenfield investment which…

The Minimum Base Gross Salary increased to Ron 750 as of the 1st February and to Ron 800 as of the 1st July

The Government issued on 22.01.2013 the Resolution no. 23/2013 for establishing the minimum gross…

Noerr’s litigation department expands with public procurement specialist

Romanian office of law firm Noerr expanded it litigation department following the joining of…