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Press release: with over 50,000 open positions, almost half of the jobs put on the market since the beginning of the year belong to small and very small employers

The greatest need for candidates comes from small and medium-sized companies in Bucharest and…

37,000 jobs with the displayed salary have been posted since the beginning of the year and until now on eJobs.ro

Until the middle of 2026, all job advertisements will have to have the salary…

eJobs survey: 7 out of 10 employers will offer employees benefits during the Easter holidays. Cash bonuses, gift vouchers and baskets with seasonal products are at the top of the list

Besides these, the employees would like an additional day off, on May 2

eJobs x Up Romania survey: 41% of employees are dissatisfied and very dissatisfied with their current job

The salary, the relationship with the manager and the lack of professional recognition are…

Press release: 47% of the participants in the latest eJobs survey are currently looking for a new job. A salary increase could make 72% change their mind

A higher salary is the main objective of those who plan to change their…

Press release: Labor market in Q1 – 75,000 new jobs and 3 million applications

Retail, services, call-center and tourism are the fields with the most jobs put on…

Press release: The top of the most transparent fields regarding salaries

Three quarters of the jobs with the displayed salary belong to employers in tourism…

Press release: Over 350,000 applications were registered in the last month by candidates between the ages of 18 and 24, 30% more than in the previous month

The increase overlaps with the introduction of youth employment bonuses

What jobs did Romanians look for at the beginning of the year: the positions of driver, medical assistant, call-center operator and accountant are among the candidates' preferences

Almost 350,000 searches were performed in January and February

Up Romania and eJobs study: 93% of employees and 86% of employers want the redefinition of work

Employees want more respect from the employer, an increase in extra-salary benefits and the…

Less than 10% of employers will increase the number of part-time jobs in 2024

The average net salary for a part-time job, nationally, is 3,000 lei per month