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The executive search landscape - Challenges, Opportunities, and the Road Ahead

Interview with Ana Ber, Managing Director, Pendl & Piswanger InterSearch Romania

Navigating uncertainty while focusing on human- centric leadership

Interview with Mrs. ANA BER, Managing Partner Pendl&Piswanger Romania, a member of InterSearch and…

2022, challenges and opportunities for leaders

Interview with Mrs Ana Ber, Consultant and Managing Director, Pendl & Piswanger Romania

Thriving leadership through pandemic

Interview with ANA BER , CONSULTANT AND MANAGING DIRECTOR, Pendl & Piswanger

The “most wanted employee”:  skills, competencies, recruiting manners

Ana Ber, Managing Partner P&P Romania: During these tough times for economy, companies must…


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Starting January 2019, Sorin VOICU has joined Dr. Pendl & Dr. Piswanger, as Learning & Development Partner

PEP® (Personal Efficiency Programme) & CIPD certified, Sorin’s responsibilies will include implementing PEP® approach…