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The effect of the fall of the EU-US Privacy Shield mechanism - who it affects and what alternatives the targeted companies have

Opinion material by Iulia Antonie, Deloitte Central Europe Privacy Leader, and Silvia Axinescu, Senior…

Deloitte State of Consumer Tracker: more than half of the European consumers plan to postpone buying a new vehicle

All the sectors related to mobility have been heavily shaken by the recent health…

The capitalization of companies can become a criterion for obtaining fiscal facilities

Opinion material by Elena Geageac, Senior Manager, Direct Taxes, and Claudia Matei, Senior Consultant,…

Liberalization of the natural gas market - electoral battlefield?

Review by Dan Badin, Fiscal Services Partner, Deloitte Romania

A mouthful of oxygen for the HoReCa industry. How are the new tax facilities applied?

Opinion material by Elena Geageac, Senior Direct Tax Manager, and Anca Preda, Senior Direct…

Major decision of the CJEU regarding the right to deduct VAT. We expect compliance at the national level

Opinion material by Vlad Boeriu, Fiscal and Legal Services Coordinating Partner, Deloitte Romania

Deloitte survey: CFOs in Romania expect massive drop in demand, reduction of revenues and number of employees

Companies in technology, media and telecommunications are the only ones who feel a usual…

The use of vouchers, more and more common in retail in the context of COVID-19. How do we manage them efficiently from a fiscal and accounting point of view?

Opinion material by Andreea Judy, Outsourced Services Solutions Manager, Andreea Vlad, Direct Tax Manager,…

The reverse of generous support programs at European level - who pays?

Review by Dan Badin, Fiscal Services Partner, Deloitte Romania

Deloitte State of Consumer Tracker: health concerns dominate the European consumers over financial and employment distress in the era of COVID-19

Impacted on so many levels by anxiety, the consumer mindset and behavior have shifted…

Single declaration - issues related to the postponement of the submission deadline, the payment of fees and the application of bonuses

Opinion material by Simona Badoiu, Manager, and Radu Derscariu, Director, Global Employer Services, Deloitte…

The sole European electronic format for annual financial reporting, a new challenge for listed companies

Opinion material by Corina Dimitriu, Partner, and Laura Deaconescu, Senior Manager, Audit, Deloitte Romania