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Why Romanian economic recovery requires helicopter money to individuals

By Dimitrios Goranitis, Risk and Regulatory Advisory Partner, Deloitte Romania

Update on EU countries measures on COVID-19

The latest edition of the booklet reflecting recent major measures adopted in the fiscal,…

Sponsorship during the pandemic - how to effectively manage them

Opinion material by Mihaela Popescu, Director of Fiscal Services, and Anca Preda, Senior Direct…

The priorities of the companies listed on the stock exchange in financial reporting in the context of COVID-19

Opinion by Irina Dobre, Audit Partner, and Vasile Rusu, Audit Manager, Deloitte Romania

Deloitte and FintechOS, partners in CEC Bank’s digital transformation

The “Welcome” package, recently launched by CEC Bank, can be accessed 100% online using…


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Deloitte Fundation donates EUR 100,000 to Matei Bals Institute and to the National Public Health Institute to support the efforts to manage the COVID-19 crisis

Through Deloitte Foundation, Deloitte Romania gets involved by providing financial support to those who…