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The ‘First House’ mortgage rates for studio apartments and one bedroom apartments are 20% smaller than monthly rents

The smallest differences between monthly mortgage rates and rents for the one bedroom apartments…


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The operations of Banca Romaneasca are not subject to modifications following the situation in Greece

Ioannis Kougionas, CEO Banca Romaneasca: ‘Banca Romaneasca unfolds conducts operations with its clients in…

Banca Romaneasca reveals the “secrets” of the credit card

Banca Romaneasca supports together with real,- the event "The credit card without secrets"

Banca Romaneasca and Orange extend the promotional campaign for payment in installments with zero costs

Until April 30th, the holders of Banca Romaneasca shopping cards benefit from 3, 6,…

BROM clients that obtain MasterCard Gold card have additional benefits

Banca Romaneasca clients that choose a credit card MasterCard Gold until April 09, 2013…