Tokenization model drives MetaWealth’s USD 3.6 million real estate deal in Marbella

Tokenization model drives MetaWealth’s USD 3.6 million real estate deal in Marbella

The deal saw unprecedented demand from Romanian individuals, who make up for almost 60% of all investors buying into a luxury property in Costa del Sol

MetaWealth, the fintech startup with a strong presence in Bucharest, Marbella and Dublin, raised a record USD 1.2 million, with the remaining USD 2.4 million to be paid in 2 years, and closed its latest Spain asset ahead of schedule, following great interest from retail investors and, most notably, unprecedented demand from Romanian individuals.

By far the largest tokenized real estate deal in Spain (the second was reported to have closed for only USD 65,000), MetaWealth’s asset attracted some 190 individual investors from all over the world, some 60% of them from Romania.

I can't think of any other property deal like this in history, where you have so many people from Romania buying into an elite real estate deal together,” says Michael Topolinski, MetaWealth co-founder. “Spain is one of the most mature and lucrative Real Estate markets in the world and over 100 Romanians, together with people from other countries like The Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden, just bought into a luxury property deal in Costa del Sol, without needing to leave the country, open a foreign bank account, or speak Spanish. This is just a small preview of the future of real estate, where geographical barriers are removed, and people are on an equal playing field when it comes to investing.”  

Managing Director Richard McLaughlin-Duane adds: “We were pleasantly surprised by this success, after launching our 4th asset (and our first in Spain) only 2 months ago. We also saw a significant percentage of new investors joining our platform (around 30% of the buyers in the latest asset). This proves that investors appreciate the value we provide and the results we’ve generated so far. We closed our first asset 10 months ago and, since then, we’ve distributed more than USD 160,000 in rental income to investors from 25 countries. The MetaWealth app, downloaded more than 30,000 times, is getting excellent reviews from users and investors. So far, we have over 10,000 active accounts. These numbers, achieved in such a short time, confirm that MetaWealth is the true challenger of the conventional investment world. We provide an easy experience and attractive returns within a cross-border setup. As we open new markets for our investors, I am confident that this pace of growth can only accelerate.”

The fintech is actively looking into new investment opportunities ranging from USD 3 to 5 million and plans to list new Spanish real estate assets in the following weeks. Athens, another market with significant international interest, is also a target, with a first asset expected to join the platform in the second part of this year.

MetaWealth is commited to revolutionize Real Estate and connect vendors with retail buyers and investors from all over the world, by integrating cutting-edge technology, global Real Estate expertise, and unparalleled market insights.

Since its launch last March, the revolutionary investment platform has sold over USD 7.4 million in tokenized apartments. Based on independent assessments from Colliers International, the current ROI estimates of assets on the MetaWealth app range from 76% to 85% over 5 years.

Florin Nistor, an experienced professional in real estate: “When MetaWealth first launched, I was intrigued but not entirely convinced due to the technicalities and not by the concept itself. Not all fintech start-ups are able to deliver on their promise. Less than a year later, I am a satisfied investor and a MetaWealth ambassador. I have invested in all the assets on the platform, that can be seen as a bold move on one hand, but on the other hand is generating a fairly proportional and stable passive income. The time will prove if it was the right move in this new era of the real estate pioneered by MetaWealth.”

About MetaWealth™

MetaWealth™ is a web3 investment platform connecting real estate vendors with buyers, available through Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which allows users to invest in fractions of real estate assets and other valuable assets and obtain profit both from recurring rental income and from asset appreciation.

The MetaWealth team consists of 25+ highly skilled engineers, real-estate experts, and business personnel, besides the core team of co-founders and advisors.

Beyond the financial benefits for its users, MetaWealth™ believes in the value of better financial education for everybody and wants to build a community of potential investors and / or people who want to manage their finances better, building a solid future. The educational content will be one of the pillars of this community and will be constantly updated.

More details at https://www.metawealth.co/.