iSense Solutions Study: The Romanians, more and more concerned about having a healthy lifestyle

iSense Solutions Study: The Romanians, more and more concerned about having a healthy lifestyle

The Romanians' concern about adopting a healthy lifestyle is becoming more important: almost half (40%) of Romanians said they had improved their lifestyle in the past year making more movement, while 43% were more attentive to diet according to a study by iSense Solutions.

The percentage of those who want to improve their lives in the coming year is even greater: 68% intend to make more movement and 66% aspire to a healthy diet.

Moreover, if we analyze the data of the past two years about the intention of the Romanians to reduce their stress levels, we notice a significant increase: in 2016, 26% of Romanians said they reduced stress, and in 2018 this percentage increased to 42%.
In the last year, 32% found a balance between professional and personal life, and 30% paid attention to sleep and slept more.

For the next period, 65% of Romanians surveyed said they have made plans to reduce the impact of stressful situations (versus 56% in 2016).

"The need for relaxation and a healthy lifestyle are two more important topics for the Romanians. Our study confirms not only that people feel the need for relaxation, but they also spend more time and resources on activities to help with stress management, are more attentive to how much they do and what type of food they consume.This can also be an effect of intense communication about healthy lifestyle and sports events (marathons, cycling). It's a good time for healthy lifestyle brands who can ask themselves questions about how they can better integrate into the lives of those who care about a healthy lifestyle, "said Traian Nastase, Managing Partner, iSense Solutions.

In terms of lifestyle improvement intentions in the coming year, 31% of Romanians want to devote more time to them (40% of women vs. 22% of men).

Dance classes are among the favorite activities of women who have planned to take more care of themselves: 42%, compared with 25% of men. And among men who want to deal more with themselves in the next year, 20% want to do this by going to a psychologist, versus 15% of women.

On the opposite side, only 11% of Romanians interviewed said they did nothing to improve their lifestyle, according to the study.

The study was conducted online by iSense Solutions on a sample of 561 urban respondents, members of the ResearchRomania.ro Panel. The data is representative of people aged 18-65 from urban areas in Romania. Error rate = / - 4.14% at a 95% confidence level.