Inspirators, the global platform that offers inspiring stories from sustainability leaders, read by people from 80 countries in less than six months from its launch

Inspirators, the global platform that offers inspiring stories from sustainability leaders, read by people from 80 countries in less than six months from its launch

The storytelling platform’s purpose is to collect evergreen inspiration in sustainability and showcase a diverse and refreshing mix of global regenerative leaders

Inspirators platform, launched in September 2023 by two Romanian entrepreneurs, Ioana Marin (Founder) and Theodora Dumitrica (Co-Founder), reached readership from 80 countries across the globe and featured the stories of 90 global sustainability and regeneration leaders in less than six months from its launch.


The storytelling platform’s purpose is to collect evergreen inspiration in sustainability and showcase a diverse and refreshing mix of global regenerative leaders.

After noticing that the leadership communication on their LinkedIn networks was a bit too focused on the technical side of sustainability, on the reporting and the must-dos "to save the planet", and not enough on the creative and humane side of it, the two co-founders realized that inspiration and optimism were lacking from this field. They started a LinkedIn Newsletter based on a questionnaire similar to Marcel Proust’s, but with a modern twist. After one year, it grew into a series that reached 90 editions and over 2,800 subscribers and boosted the co-founders’ LinkedIn networks to 16,000 followers in total.

The global regenerative leaders featured on the Inspirators platform

Inspirators reunites diversity at its best from more than 80 corners of the world: New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Afghanistan, Peru, India, Vietnam, UK, Thailand, USA, Brazil, Guernsey, Indonesia, Romania, Lithuania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Australia, Nigeria, Sweden, Singapore, China, Turkey, Iran, Chile, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Tanzania, Germany, Estonia, Kenya, and others.

Regenerative leaders from all walks of life shared the same vision and values: National Geographic Explorers, scientists, cave divers, indigenous leaders, musicians, mythologists, humanitarians, disability rights advocates, artists, biologists, environmental activists, film producers, Buddhist monks, mountaineers and all those who walk off the beaten path to carve new ways of living.

More than 50% of the Inspirators featured on the platform are renowned book authors and keynote speakers, some of them including:

John Elkington - „The Godfather of Sustainability”; Author of "Green Swans"; Founder & Chief Pollinator, Volans;

Fawzia Koofi - Author of “The Favored Daughter”; Nobel Prize Nominee; Women’s Rights Activist; First Woman Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Afghanistan

Leen Gorissen - Author of "Building the Future of Innovation on millions of years of Natural Intelligence"; Founder & Innovation Biologist, Centre4NI;

Wayne Visser - Author of "Thriving"; Cambridge Pracademic; Writer & Speaker;

Riane Eisler - Recipient of the Distinguished Peace Leadership Award, Author of "The Real Wealth of Nations", President & Co-Founder, Center for Partnership Systems;

Wallace J. Nichols - Author of "Blue Mind”; Speaker; Marine Biologist;

Neema Namadamu - Founder, Hero Women Rising; Advocate for Peace and Women's Rights; Disability Rights Activist; BBC 100 Women 2023

Don „Four Arrows” Jacobs - Author of "Restoring the Kinship Worldview"; Award-winning activist for Indigenous rights; Professor at Fielding Graduate University;

Steven Laureys - Author of “The No-Nonsense Meditation Book”; Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience; Director, GIGA Consciousness, University of Liège;

Jill Heinerth - Author of "Into the Planet: My Life as a Cave Diver"; Explorer-in-Residence, Royal Canadian Geographical Society;

Kumi Naidoo - Global Ambassador, Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity;

Niall McCann - National Geographic Explorer; TV Presenter; Speaker; Biologist;

Ellen Windemuth - Producer, "My Octopus Teacher"; Founder, Waterbear Network;

Ha Vinh Tho - Author of  "A Culture of Happiness"; Dharma Teacher, Plum Village; Founder, Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing;

Christian Busch - Author of "The Serendipity Mindset"; Business Professor, USC Marshall School of Business.

Inspirators is the most diverse and surprising mix of regenerative leaders who display inner and outer coherence. Courageous leaders who want to inspire, and not force change. All the Inspirators we featured on the platform pointed in the same direction: creativity in sustainability is a need, not just a nice to have. Sustainability and inspiration are interconnected. We invite you to discover Inspirators, a storytelling ecosystem of visionaries who promote the Sustainable Development Goals in a refreshing and humane way.” (Ioana Marin - Founder, Inspirators)

Inspirators is a community of kindred spirits who look in the same direction, a creative place for those who want to be not only thriving leaders but the flourishing and authentic humans this world is craving. We aim to facilitate the transition towards a regenerative future by sharing inspirational content, valuable resources and a vast network of sustainable leaders from all around the world.” (Theodora Dumitrica – Co-Founder, Inspirators)

The Regenerative Leadership qualities much-needed today based on Inspirators’ insights

● „Humility, capacity to unlearn in order to learn transformatively, capacity for deep listening and the ability to suspend judgement, compassion, reconnecting with our biophilic nature, being gentle with oneself and others, trusting life beyond the knowing by sensing, feeling and intuiting.” (Daniel Christian Wahl)

● „Imaginative hope: painting a picture of a world that people will want to live in.” (Richard Louv)

● „Essence-thinking instead of efficiency-thinking, self-determined accountability and commitment to leaving the planet better than we found her and elevating our being in the world. It is more about who we are becoming than what we are doing.” (Leen Gorissen)

● „The ability to scan wider, dig deeper, aim higher and invest over longer time scales than pretty much all political leaders in office today.” (John Elkington)

The benefits of learning about sustainability in a creative way through Inspirators

Inspirators offers a unique selection of sustainability and regenerative leaders’ profiles who provide not only very personal insights but also a valuable collection of resources: leaders to follow, books to read, events and courses to attend, trends to watch, and many more.

Being the opposite of fast content consumption, the Inspirators platform invites the readers to slow down and reflect by offering an essence-focused perspective on what it means to be a sustainable leader. The readership is very distinct: founders, CEOs, managing directors, academia, keynote speakers, youth activists, entrepreneurs, consultants, or creatives from all industries, ages varying from 18 to even 92.

The platform invites all changemakers, impact-driven and purposeful professionals to savour an optimistic approach that brings to light the bright side of change. After being exposed to this type of content, sustainability leaders will be fully equipped to create visionary campaigns or purposeful businesses and to develop long-lasting partnerships that will support the implementation of SDG-17 (Partnerships for the Goals). 

About Inspirators Consultancy Studio

Inspirators Studio offers inspiring stories and communication consultancy for sustainability and regeneration leaders.

Ioana and Theodora, the creative duo behind Inspirators, support leaders in bringing an inspiring and creative twist to their personal brand and story through:

● speaker management and sustainable personal branding

● inspirational storytelling and editorial content

● LinkedIn audit and metamorphosis for increasing visibility

● presentation design and creative ideation

● networking and partnership strategies for SDG-17

Ioana Marin (Founder, Inspirators) has +10 years of experience in Speaker Management and Event Production, Publishing and Editorial Content, Presentation Design, Strategic Partnerships and LinkedIn Storytelling. She is the Co-Creator of Community Index Magazine, the first and only bilingual sustainability magazine in Romania and the Alumna of The Break Fellowship for Women Entrepreneurs 2022.

Theodora Dumitrica (Co-Founder, Inspirators) has +7 years of experience in the corporate field at the intersection of Communication & PR, Creative Ideation, Fundraising, Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Liaising for gender equality & cancer prevention campaigns. She is a Psychologist for In a Relationship, an educational project for teenagers.