Different field companies target deals in technology to empower faster changes

Working force mobility is growing all over the world while the consumers embrace the smart-type mobility and the social networks at a more and more faster pace.

Also, in this time, the companies feel an escalating need to filter the overwhelming volumes of generated data. This is why the growth of worldwide economy depends at a certain level of technological innovation while the companies become more and more aware of this. They became active participants to promote innovation and improve efficiency.  


Doubtless, technology becomes more and more present in daily activities therefore, its s normal that consumers of different industries find interest in purchasing companies operating technology activities in order to promote innovation and become more effective.


Non-technology companies target more and more such deals, the transaction volume in technology performed by consumers from industries not related to technology increased 30 percent in 2012, reaching a rate of 12 percent of all M&As accomplished worldwide ( 342 transactions). The aggregated available value of deals involving non-technology buyers increased at 10 percent from the cumulated value for 2012, with 7 percent more compared with 2011.


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