Buy Now, Pay Later: Trends, Challenges and Drivers

Buy Now, Pay Later: Trends, Challenges and Drivers

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Fintech overhauled traditional lending options and provided easier access to low-cost credit. This latest era of buy now, pay later (BNPL) gives consumers newfound purchasing power.

Now, players across the payments ecosystem are getting in on the action. But you need to consider trends, applications and potential threats to build a robust BNPL programme or partnership.

Stream our webinar to hear Euromonitor experts answer fundamental questions about the multibillion dollar BNPL landscape.

Watch now to learn:

  • Who uses BNPL and why?
  • Which companies dominate this space? Will new competitors shake up the status quo?
  • What are the main segments or services that offer BNPL? (hint: retail, travel, B2B)
  • What risks and challenges are on the horizon?
  • Will BNPL continue to boom? Or, is it on the cusp of crashing?

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