Published: 4.04.2016
The future career of young people today depends on their digital skills . How can they improve these skills?

Either entrepreneur or employee in a company, the young people need to improve their digital skills in order to develop their career. But according to the Digital Economy and Society Index report, the Romanians‘ level of digital skills is the lowest in UE. How can these data be changed and what should the young people consider in their career preparation?

Published: 22.12.2015
How to hold full control of the sales activity?

Sales are the catalyzer of every company, and control over this activity is more than necessary. Nevertheless, control is based on information, both of operational nature (the activity of the sales agents), as well as of analytical nature (the big picture).

Published: 22.12.2015
Earning your customers  trust

The customer is very important, and, especially in this social media era, it is crucial for any business to listen to their customers.

Published: 22.12.2015
Don’t hire new people, sell more with the same team!

Ambient, a company based in Sibiu, managed to increase the efficiency of 140 sales agents who, by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, managed, on average, per month, with 30% more accounts.

Published: 2.09.2015
Windows Server 2012 simplifies the maintenance of IT infrastructure and allows us to allocate greater attention to the operations with a critical importance.

In the context of a reconstruction project of the entire IT infrastructure, Indis, a company from Cluj, has chosen Windows Server 2012 as a base for virtualization and operational continuity.

Published: 17.06.2015
The integration of mobile technologies in SMEs, a solution to increase productivity in Romania

According to an Ipsos MORI survey conducted in Europe for Microsoft , employees of SMEs in Romania continues to believe in mobile technology and in improving customer relationship as the main drivers in developing the performances of the companies.